GPS or Security User Registration cart

Argo  is a prepaid calling card   offers the cheapest rates in the market for local  and  international calls especially  to the countries of Eastern Europe,  Balkans, Asia, the United States of America, Canada and Australia  as well as is  the most economical solution for your calls to  PlanetSim numbers

With excellent communication quality of all fixed  devices from anywhere. With charges per minute,  no unpleasant surprises and hidden surcharges.

Use an ARGO card and call a PlanetSim with a cost of 0.20 € / min without any extra charge from your  local telecom provider.

Before make a call you will hear the available talking  time  for the number that you
are calling.
The voice instructions are interrupted by typing the first digit of your choice.
If the phone call is busy or you wish  to make a new call wait to hear  the followed  instructions.
Calls are charged based on the current price list. The company reserves the right to change the prices without any warning.
The duration of the ARGO card begins from the moment of the first entered of  the 12-digit
card number (PIN) regardless if completed a call or not.
ARGO expired  3 months after of  the  first time of PIN entered
ARGO are  card available in value from 5 € in all  ELTA branches.
If not find one then call  our Customer Service: 210 6429829