PlanetSim allows its users to perfrom conference calls with a maximum of ten (10) simultaneous participants,

PlanetSim Conference service gives an opportunity to organize the conference by dialing the +372993 number.

How much does it cost

PlanetSim user who organizes the conference pays for all the calls made within the conference call, where the rates are applied based on each call to each participant.

How to Initiate a conference

  • The PlanetSim user (User A) starts by calling +372993.
  • There is an automated message.
  • User A is prompted to press the asterisk (*) to add a new user.
  • If no prompt is given within 10 seconds, it is requested from the user to press the asterisk (*) again.
  • If no prompt is given within 2 minutes the call is terminated.
  • After pressing the asterisk (*) the user is prompter to call the number he wishes to add to the conference (User B1). Note that you have to user the national number (e.g. 0037257894563, or +37257894563). The user may call a number from any country (not only a PlanetSim number).
  •  After calling User B1Ο, User A will be prompter to press the asterisk (*) to add User B1 to the conference or he may press the hashtag(#) to cancel the call and return to the conference. If user A closes the call the conference is terminated.