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PlanetSim data is a completely independent SIM Card from the existing PlanetSim services. It has more options in terms of affordable Data usage in numerous countries and will offer Data Packages in an easy to use manner. Of course, voice and SMS messaging are also included!

Please find the  effective countries for the package offer in the rate file. More countries will be added in weekly basis within this year.


Pay as You Go offer extends to over 160 Countries, where rates starting from just 0.26 €/MB ,charging fairly only per 1kb.

*rates include local taxes.


The price of the new “PlanetSim data” starter kit will be 19,90 €


PlanetSim data topup is possible using the same methods (scratch card,auto,etc) like PlanetSim classic sim card. PlanetSim scratch cards (old & new) will apply to both services)

Now with updated product portfolio PlanetSim can fulfill communication needs of any traveler:

  • Free incoming calls in most countries
  • Free incoming text messages worldwide
  • Low, very low rates for calls and text messaging
  • Competitive data rates (Now improved with “PlanetSim data”)
  • Personal Assistant – Worldwide Concierge Service
  • Earn free bonus miles with your favourite airlines… etc.


Choosing any package option
User can order Data packages via command
Ordering by command : *146*941*package number#

To choose Pay as you go option via command (Warning the code bellow works only if your package period has ended or run out of data.)

  • ‪*146*961# – service activation
  • *146*960# – service deactivation
  • *146*962# – status of the service.

Situation A: Packet period has ended
If Data package period has ended Internet will be shut off. User will receive a text message stating that his data package period has ended along with instructions on how to order a new one or to switch to “per megabyte” usage. Without selection of what to do user will  not be able to use internet in countries that are included in the Data package list. Each time user opens up a browser window on his smartphone he will be redirected to the Landing Page that will present all options listed in the text message described previously.

Situation B: Run out of Data
If run out of data Internet will be shut off. User will receive a text message stating that his data run out and automatically switched to “per megabyte” billing until the end of the data pack cycle.

Setting up “More Data” option
User enters a More data Option code for 25MB:
User receives a text message that will state: «You have added 25MB more data  for the next 24h»
Upon order of any Data package it’s also possible to order “More Data” option in advance even if the current Data package has not been finished yet.
The full price of More Data option will be deducted straight from the sim card balance.

Conditions :
• If More Data option was completely used up time-wise or MB-wise while having an active Data package then it will be offered to user again.
• If the main Data package period is over then More Data Option will be over as well.
• If the main Data package period is over then user will be offered new Data packages or Pay as You Go instead of More Data Option.


Pricing :
In some countries that are included in Data packages data pricing structure is altered. This is because we cannot guarantee the same pricing structure everywhere.
In these countries, for each megabyte of data used, 2 megabytes will be deducted from the remaining data balance.

Data packages are charged per 500 kB.
Pay As You Go (PAYG) Data Package is charged at 1 kB and 10 kB increments, depending on user’s location.

Functionality :
In order to use “More Data” option users can use following commands:
• 146*950# – cancel “More Data” option with no money back
• 146*951*1# – buy “More Data” option
• 146*952# – check “More Data” option status

PlanetSim Data Application:

Roaming Data App is your answer to Data roaming. Use your smartphone for what it’s intended for!

Using Data connection abroad can be cumbersome sometimes, not to say that it can be very expensive. International Data sim card removes boundaries and connects people all around the globe using Roaming Data App. Your favorite applications will work all around the world provided that you have an international Data sim card inserted in your smartphone.
Our App adds flexibility in using international Data sim service, by providing access to services and Data packages that can be obtained using the App right on your smartphone!
Please note that Roaming Data App will only work on international Data sim cards that begin with +37282 numbers.
For Android you can download Roaming Data application from or search from Play Store “Roaming Data App”

For iPhone you can download Roaming Data application from



If you facing problem visiting the landing page you can manually set this address to your browser to visit direct the landing page: