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Unlimited mobile internet with the lowest cost in MB!

New Product: Planetsim Direct, the direct call has arrived !!!

Offer VolumeData Package € 32.24 / 5GB in 10 countries

Save more than 85% on roaming calls

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Why choose PlanetSim

  • One lifelong number for all over the world
  • Never expires: SIM – Calling Number-Balance
  • Only requires a 20€ top-up annually
  • Free incoming calls in over 150 countries Free incoming SMS worldwide
  • Covers 92% of the planet in over 200 countries and more than 450 telecom providers
  • Free update on available credits and real-time usage report
  • Broadband 3G/4G Data Roaming
  • Lowest and simplest charges in the market PlanetSim to PlanetSim as low as 0,24€/min in 150 countries
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Multiple easy top-up through scratch cards, automatic, paypal, or through our website.

PlanetSim is an international prepaid SIM card, active in more than 207 countries worldwide. This SIM card can be used for calls and SMS, as well as providing you access to the Internet – allowing you to save up to 80% on roaming charges. You may wonder how we are able to provide international data roaming for cheaper. Quite simply, Planetsim uses a callback service for international calls. This means that when you dial an international number from your phone, PlanetSim picks up your call, connects it to the number you dialed and calls you back - connecting the two ends of the line. This service is designed in such a way that the call travels exclusively through our partner networks, generating savings of up to 80% as well as ensuring superior sound quality, no matter where you are. With PlanetSim you can stay online for less while traveling. We have excellent data plans for more than 150 countries. Order your PlanetSim now and start saving on your next trip.

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