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PlanetSIM Direct is here. Now in 48 countries you have access to direct calls in addition to 4G coverage.

PlanetSIM is a prepaid mobile sim card that reduces the cost of roaming up to 80%, ideal  for vacaton trips and abroad studies  all around the world.

Whenever you go, you won’t have to lose contact with your business or family, while at the same time keeping the cost low and having high quality calls.

PlanetSim operates with the principle of pay as you go, forgoing hidden charges usually embedded in contract SIMs. Thus giving our customers complete control of how much they spend.

Additionally, PlanetSim allows for free incoming calls in over 140 countres around the globe.

You can contact our  PlanetSim support center in order to find out our roaming fees.

PlanetSim charges you based on the country you are in at the moment a call takes place.

Main Characteristics
  • Global Call Number.
  • Direct call and 4G coverage in 48 countries.
  • Cheapest charges on the market.
  • Universal charge towards any number from any country.
  •  92% telecommunications coverage accross the globe.
  • Requires only a minimum top-up of 20€ per year
  • Free update on credit available.
  • Broadband GPRS/3G/4G Roaming.
  • Evolved Voicemail.
  • Free SMS reception and cheap dispatch cost.
  • Access to our  Customer Care.
  • Multiple choices for credit recharge, as well as, automatic time renewal.
  • Cheapest access cost from third party service provider.