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We are happy to announce two new voice packages that will reduce the costs of calling while traveling abroad:

FreeTalk World Pack – 30 minutes per day (24 hours) for calls from 150 countries to Greece.

FreeTalk Europe Pack  – 60 minutes per day for calls between 37 European countries (Europe and more).

Activation fee 

FreeTalk World


FreeTalk Europe


Activation of the package FreeTalk World
To activate the package dial: *146*931*3#
To deactivate the package  (no refund) dial: *146*930*3#
To check the status dial: *146*932*3# 

Activation of the Package FreeTalk Europe
To activate the package dial: *146*931*4#
To deactivate the package dial (no refund): *146*930*4#
To check the status dial: *146*932*4#

Please pay attention to the following:

  • You cannot order simultaneously more than one package.
  • It is possible to order more than one package per day (provided that the previous package is finished).
  • If one of the voice packages is purchased, all other discount packages are automatically deactivated.
  • Calls to Support numbers are included in the packages.
  • Calls from PlanetSim to PlanetSim and Voicemail are not included in the package FreeTalk World.
  • If 30 minutes within the day are not used, the remaining amount will be lost.

You can find the country catalog here Freetalk Country