PlanetSim Conference

PlanetSim user have the capability of hosting conference calls with up to 10 participants.


The PlanetSim user that hosts the conference is charged for each participant in the call. Charges are made separately for each participant and are calculated based on the time and location of the participant.

Additional Instruction Manual

The host (user A) starts by calling the conference number +372993.

The automatic message sounds.

User A must press the asterisk (*) In order to add a new number to the conference.

Should no input be detected after 10 seconds, the user needs to press the asterisk button (*) again.

Should no input be detected after 2 minutes the call is terminated.

After pressing the asterisk button (*) you call the first participant as you normally make an international call. E.g., 0037257894563, or +37257894563). You are able to call any number you like (not just PlanetSim numbers).

After making the call press the asterisk button (*) again to add the participant to the conference, or press the hash (#) button to cancel the call and return to the conference. Should the host terminate the call, the conference is terminated as well as all calls that were participating.