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PlanetSim eSim

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PlanetSim eSim (embedded Sim) is a digital sim card that offers the same services a PlanetSim Direct. The installation of an eSim is done through the scan of a one-use QR code.

Without the need for a physical sim to be sent, eSim accommodates travelers of every kind immediately, as well as users of state of the art technologies..

Having the ability to switch from active to deactivated, eSim allows its user to make use of the network he desires the moment he wishes to.

Furthermore, PlanetSim eSim is fully compatible with all Greek service providers and offering low cost on mobile data, it can be used for security equipment (GPS Trackers, Alarms etc)

Embedded with 19.90€. For all available packages please check here.
Apple Phones
Android Phones
  • Call recognition

    Configure the Cell ID of your PlanetSim card.

  • Call Waiting

    Place calls on hold

  • Call Redirection

    Redirect calls from your PlanetSim towards any international number.

  • Voicemail

    Personal Voicemail

  • Conference Call

    Organize a conference with up to 10 participants.

  • Free Calls to Support

    The first 3 minutes of a call towards our support line is free for all PlanetSim users, regardless of their location.

  • Skype & Viber Calls

    Free calls for Skype & Viber users towards PlanetSim numbers. (requires activation)

  • Zero Balance

    Make calls even without remaining credit.

For the activation of your eSim an internet connection is required!

! Warning each eSim QR code is unique and can only be scanned once!

The following process only applies when you are activating a package from a mobile device. For sims installed on other devices please email us at
Warning! You cannot have 2 or more active packages at any time!

Available Cards

PlanetSim Machine 2 Machine
PlanetSim Direct