Sales Policy

Minimum annual value renewal.

Under your chosen telecommunications service plan, you must make a minimum renewal of twenty euros (20€) per year. This amount must be paid by 31 January of each year. Failure to comply with the above instruction will result in the temporary blocking of your PlanetSim.

In the event of PlanetSim being blocked, the number will cease to function. The number will be reactivated when the minimum renewal of twenty euros (20€) is made.

Any balance of money on your card remains unchanged during the period of the blocking and until the minimum renewal of a minimum value of twenty (20€ ) euros per year.

Unreasonably high network usage (high MSU)

It has been observed the phenomenon of cards operating in alarm systems, GPS-Tracker to make ineffective attempts to connect to the network without being followed by data transfer or completed telephone calls ( in telecommunications this is called MSU – Message signaling Unit ). This can happen either due to lack of money balance on the card , or due to programming the machine to make too many and too frequent calls to the network . These signaling attempts compromise the operation of our network and services.

Please configure the devices not to try to register to the network all the time, but at least every 5 minutes .

Otherwise the company reserves the right to terminate the respective connection that causes the above problems.