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Frequently Asked Questions

Before sending us a request, make sure you can find a solution to the following questions.

You have the following options when you want to purchase a PlanetSim:

  • By placing an order via our website
  • By buying one from one of our associates. See the points of sale here.
  • By buying one directly from our offices on Alexandras Av. 11, Athens
  • By placing an order by calling us at 210-6429829

  1. After receiving your PlanetSim card you have to fill the identification forms that come in the package you received (you can also download these documents from our website).
  2. After filling those forms and converting them to digital from, you need to upload them along with a proof of identity (personal ID, passport etc.) to our website in the identification form page. After the verification of your credentials, we will activate your card.

  1. After loging-in, the user goes to his profile and selects the field "Add Card"
  2. In the new page, the user must fill in the fields with the PlanetSim number and the email that he already has uploaded with the identification proccess, and click "Verify".
  3. If the credentials are correct, the user will receive an email with a password which he has to input in the last field to complete the process.

After completing the identification process, you may place your PlanetSim in the desired device and start using it, no PIN required. It is recommended you keep your PlanetSim’s punch out card, as it has its number, PIN and PUK written on it.

You can add credit to your PlanetSim card in the following ways:

  1. With a prepaid top-up card.
  2. A bank deposit.
  3. With an automatic top-up fixed order.
  4. Through our webpage, using a credit card or Paypal.
For more information please head to this page.

To buy a package is the combination of perfoming a top-up and activating the package at the same time.

  1. After logging-in, the user goes to the page "Data Packages" from the main menu.
  2. In the new page the user selects from the list or inputs the PlanetSim card he wishes to activate the package for.
  3. After loading the available packages,  the user can choose the package he wants and add it to his cart.
  4. He then proceeds to the checkout page to complete the order.

There are 2 ways to make a call:

    1. Type in the desired number (with the prefix of the country) and hit call.(i.e. +3069.. or 003069...)
    2. Type in *146*phone number# and hit call.
  The call will complete in one of the following ways. Direct Call: The traditional method of calling used by local networks; this is only available in specific countries. Call-Back: When making a call, the call will terminate and a message reading “Waiting for Call”. After a few seconds you will receive a call which you have to answer. Upon answering, a call will start ringing the number you phoned.

You call a PlanetSim number the same way a normal call is made and by adding 00 or + before the PlanetSim number (e.g., 00372 12 231234).

You send SMS as per the instructions of the device which has a PlanetSim card installed. The PlanetSim messaging center numbers are:

  • Direct & eSim cards: 3725099000
  • Eurosim cards: 37256100041

For M2M cards: APN: Username: PlanetSim number without country prefix (i.e., 372 ** ******)   For EuroSim or Direct cards: APN: apn Username: blank Password: blank

PlanetSim offers a voicemail service that handles incoming calls when the user is unavailable or busy. Characteristics of Voicemail:

  1. Message Recording.
  2. Message Playback.
  3. Voicemail Management (password change and greeting message).
Voicemail Activation
  • Dial 091 (or *146*091#) and press call.
  • You will see on the screen “Voicemail activated”, the incoming calls will be redirected to your voicemail in case you cannot answer the phone.
Voicemail Deactivation
  • Dial 090 (or *146*090#) and press call button.
  • You will see on the screen “Voicemail deactivated”.
How to check the number of voicemail messages
  • Dial 094 (or *146*094#) and press call.
  • You will see on the screen “You have X new messages in your voice mailbox”.
How to listen to your voicemail messages
  • Dial 095 (or *146*095#) and press call. You’ll see “Wait for call” and in a few seconds your phone will ring.
  • Answer as you normally would and you’ll hear how many messages you have. Press 1 to listen to the messages.

You can contact PlanetSim support in the following ways:

  1. By using the contact form that is available on our website.
  2. By sending us an email at
  3. By giving us a call at 210-6429829

Your PlanetSim number has no expiration date and its credit doesn’t expire, assuming you complete a call once a year. The only obligation a PlanetSim user has, is to adhere to our correct use policy, which dictates that a top-up of twenty euros (20€) must be made annually. The top-up is to be performed by the 31st of January each year. Non-compliance with the aforementioned directive will lead to the temporary block of your PlanetSim number.  In the case of your PlanetSim card being blocked, the sim card ceases to function. Any credit left in the card remains intact for the period the block lasts. When the top-up of twenty euros (20€) is performed, the PlanetSim number is returned to its normal state.  

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