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PlanetSim offers to its clients the Fax to PlanetSim service which allows them to receive Fax messages to their PlanetSim number. The service is offered free of charge.


If you are intrested in activating the Fax to PlanetSim service, pleace send an e-mail request to or call our support department.

The data we require to activate the service is:

  • Your PlanetSim number.
  • The e-mail at which the fax will be forwarded to.

How it operates

When the service Fax to PlanetSim is activated, the fax is received the same way as an answering machine:

  • If the PlanetSim card is out of reach or deactivated.
  • If you reject the call.

When a fax is received, it is sent to the registered e-mail in a .TIFF file.

Available only through your distributor.