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How to Top Up your PlanetSim

The ways to top up your PLANETSIM are :

  • Buy a PLANETSIM voucher of 10€ , 20€ , 50€ or 100€ , that is sold in the PLANETSIM points of sale . You can get information about PLANETSIM points of sale at points of sale .
  • By depositing the amount of desired talking time value to one of our company’s bank accounts.Please don’t forget to submit at the “Deposit Reason” the PLANETSIM number you would like to us to credit with the deposited amount ( only the last 8 digits) .  Minimum deposit 10€. .For company’s cooperating banks and account numbers please press here .
  • With an automatic top-up fixed order. You define the minimum balance so you can have your number toped up every time your credit goes under this value and a top-up amount. The procedure of adding airtime to your number will be automatically completed by our system and your credit card will be debited after each successful top up .
  • Adding air time through our website using your credit card. Please register free of charge to our website and complete all the procedures needed for your identification ( this is necessary for your transactions safety ) before leaving for a trip.
  • Specially for cooperating companies: Just send an SMS from the PLANETSIM mobile that needs airtime top up , to the customare care mobile : 00372-59-561008 mentioning the top up value. The credit will take place in a few minutes.