GPS or Security User Registration cart

When a PlanetSim user has no more credit in his card, he is able to use the ZeroBalance service allows him to receive calls by another PlanetSim user. Note that you need to be in a country with zero charge on incoming calls, otherwise he must have at least one (1) minute of call time in order to receive the call. Additonnally, ZeroBalance is NOT avalable in countries with extra charges.

ZeroBalance is provided free of charge to all PlanetSim users.


As long as user A is in a country without an charge for incoming calls, he is able to call user B who receives an incoming call and is then able to call back user A. Note that user A has to be in a country with no charge to incoming calls

ZeroBalance is available for PlanetSim Premium, Classic, Basic and PlanetSim Data. The service is activated automatically without any input from the user.

In case of further questions please contact us via email at: or via telephone: 210 6429829